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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  May 8, 2010 7:00pm-8:00pm EDT

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standing against a brick wall. hot shots. pictures worth a thousand words. join us from 5:00 to 7:00 p.m. eastern and every saturday at 6:00 eastern right here on cnn. and at this time every weekend on cnn international. the news continues next on cnn. it seem like there is always something when it come to stopping that giant oil leak on the gulf of mexico and it is never good. today brings a new problem. now what? one of the more conservative voices in the country accused in a sex scandal of slus itting a young man over a website to accompany him on vacation. and soledad has a ground breaking documentary that airs after this show about the orphans of haiti. finally a reason for some hope in haiti. and just when you thought you had heard everything about the sandra bullock adoption
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comes a new controversial twist. a whole lot of people are not happy about it. hello. i'm don lemon. hope for a quick fix in the gulf of mexico suffered a major setback. a giant still funnel was seen as the best chance to stop thousands of gallons of oil gush sfwoog gulf of mexico. word came a short time ago that it wasn't going to work. at least not for now. 5,000 feet under, the high pressure and the frigid water caused unexpected technical issues. bp and government official held a news conference earlier today to explain what went wrong. >> we were placing the dome over the leak source. a large volcanoeux hydrates formed inside, requiring us to move the dome inside. it is sitting on the seabed while we evaluate options to deal with the issue. >> david mattingly is in louisiana with the very latest on that. tell us about this setback and how serious really is this,
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david. >> reporter: these hydrates they're talking about are actually, they're like ice crystals. this is when gas under pressure and the cold temperatures combine with water to form these crystals. like lighter than water. when they start to koaccumulate inside, they were making it bouyant. it was clogging it up as well. they had to set it to the side. now they'll take the next couple days to figure out how to bring a heat source down to the bottom of the ocean there, possibly pumping water from the top down to the bottom to prevent them from forming or perhaps pump some sort of ethanol down there to make the crystals dissolve. none of us has ever, ever been opportunity before. this is a one of a kind experiment. a one of a kind mission. right now they're stepping back to see, can we fix this new problem before we move on. >> david mattingly joining us from lou loofl thank you very
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much. we turn now to that flood ravaged tennessee we've been telling you about all week. a proxs help from the federal government. homeland security secretary janet napolitano toured nashville. $1.5 billion in nashville alone. more than 30 people died in tennessee and mississippi and kentucky. she said the government will do everything possible to help the victims and she is urging people to reach out to the federal emergency management agency. >> i think fema will be here six months from now in terms of assisting with recovery efforts. but at some point in time, this will not be primarily fema, which their expertise is what do you do immediately, but it will be these other efforts that i described. with housing and with business development and the like. >> the massive clean-up effort
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underway right now in nashville and the surrounding areas. fortunately the victim are getting outside help from volunteers. that's the good side of this. so much other bad news to report when it comes to this story. and martin savage has been talking with some of the people who are helping out and some of the people as well. martin, how is the clean-up going there? >> reporter: a lot of progress today, actually. if you look at this debris pile auld around us. r] homes. it started with people bringing out the furniture and personal items and then it has been the insulation, bringing out the drywall and the flooring. bringing out everything so that most of the homes now look very much like the homes did in new orleans where you rip everything down to the studs and they've done that to just about this high. that's how high the water was in many of these homes them didn't do it alone. and as you say, that's really the success part of what has been a terrible week in nashville. is that you had a saturday where thousands and thousands of
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volunteers, some of them came out, organized by churches. some of them came out by themselves. you saw everything from little children all the way to, well, senior adults that were helping out here. and it made a big difference. not only in the work that got done but it also made a big difference in the attitudes of the people who suffered this loss. we talkeic he spoke about what it meant when all of those people came knocking on his door. >> i'm really not sure how it happened. they just started coming through the front door. it was church group after church group. grace's school friends, actually the high school baseball team showed up this morning which was fantastic, about ten strong guys. and we got a lot accomplished with them. the day before that, there were three or four young people who worked very hard all day long. there was a family from antioch on the other side of town that calm and helped us. all my friends and family have shown up. i haven't been able to return
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all the calls that i've gotten. when i can't return their call, they start coming through the front darr. >> that's what everybody says when you talk to them, how they've been buoyed by the help of all the volunteers. you can talk about what the federal government may bring as far as finance burks nobody delivered more than the people nashville to their own neighbors today. don? >> martin savidge, thank you very much. we turn to top american officials. taking on the al qaeda now before the u.s. military has to do it themselves in pakistan. the new york times reports, general stanley mcchrystal delivered the message to pakistan's military chief. u.s. officials worry the times square car bomb was the first but not the last domestic terror plot with ties to pakistan. pakistan has warned the white house not to pressure them into hurrying an offensive against the taliban. a frighting income new york city this morning to tell you about. a staten island ferry boat
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crashed into the terminal. no one was killed but as many as 55 people were hurt. one of them seriously. a peak says there was almost no warning before the crash. officials say a mechanical fall you're prevented the crew from slowing the ferry. the same boat was involved in an accident back in 2003 that killed 11 people. a long time washington senator shown the door by his own party. that story is coming up. also, a leading opponent of gay rights finds himself right at the center of a gay scandal. and more drama surrounding sandra bullock. the public back lash over her recent adoption. >> someone bought you for $12? do you ever think about that? >> no. plus, children in kris in haiti. orphaned by a devastating earthquake. many are now being sold into slavery. those stories straight ahead. i want to tell you this. don't just sit there. become part of the conversation. send your comments. and check out my blog. i want to hear from you. thing as taking a chance?
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with thick all-around fibers that attract and lock up to two times more dust than a feather duster. swiffer gives cleaning a whole new meaning. [ cat meows ] ♪ who's that lady? tonight a leading opponent of gay marriage and gays and lesbians adopting kids, and gay rights in general is now entangled in a sex scandal. george helped found the socially conservative family rex council. he is accused of hiring a male prostitute who advertises on an explicit website and then taking him on a sexually charged european vacation. for the record, he denies the sexual part. the allegations were first reported in miami's new times, a local alternative newspaper. i want to you decide for yourself whether to believe him or to believe the young man in
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question here who spoke for the first time on camera to our randy kay. >> reporter: he calls himself loosen. a made male escort who says he only advertises his services on the website where visitors can select among hundreds of male escorts who advertise in revealing poses. that's where loosen said he was first contacted by a professor and baptist minister who has weighed in on almost every piece of anti-gay legislation around the country. what is not in dispute is that rakers and lucien just returned in a two-week european vacation and that lucien was hired to help with the bags. this photo was snapped at the airport. but luc.ien says for the trip to madrid and london, he was to give rakers what lucien call sexual massages every day. >> he basically got excited. that was the whole case. >> so he wanted you to touch him.
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>> yeah. >> did you have sex with him on the trip? no. >> did he ask to? >> not at all. >> reporter: he showed me the contract he signed. for $75 a derrek it says he must carry the bags, provide a massage for at least one hour every day of the trip in their shared room. plus, spend at least eight hours a day with him, including two meals. on raker's website, a very different message. by interviewing did you have people who might be able to help and did not even find out about his travel until after the trip was in progress. there was nothing inappropriate with this relationship. and he emphasized he was not involved in any illegal or sexual behavior with his travel assistant. rakers is a board member for the national association for research and therapy of homosexuality. a group that says it helps people with quote unwanted homosexual attractions. he is also the co-founder of the
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family research council which promotes the traditional family unit. and in 2008, here in florida, george rakers served as an expert witness in a case to uphold the law banning gays and let's pans from adopting. in his writings, he called gays a deviant segment of society. the state of florida paid him about $120,000 for his testimony. the attorney general told us, rakers was recommended after an exhaustive search and because he had, quote, exceptional credentials. wayne is with truth wins out. a group that exposes what it sees as hypocrisy in the anti-dwa movement. >> he has helped create anti-gay attitudes across the country. it seems he doesn't think gay people should raise boys. they think he should rent boys. so i think he is quite the hypocrite there. >> reporter: lucien said he knew he was gay before the trip because he had told him about his boyfriends.
7:15 pm
>> does he still deny to you that he is gay? >> yeah. i actually asked him over the phone, you know, do you think you're gay? and he said no. >> reporter: lucien said rake hers asked him tonight share the story with the media. >> he didn't want me to mention the massage aspect. >> reporter: he asked you not to? >> yeah. he had asked me not to. >> reporter: in response to the publicity, narth where rakers is a board member released this statement saying it takes seriously the accusations that have been made. in response to an e-mail from cnn, he wrote, i am retaining the services of a defamation attorney. i am not gay and never have been. he said he feels sorry for rakers. he enjoyed their european vacation together and would like to be his friend. he wants him to stop making anti-gay statements. cnn, ft. lauderdale, florida.
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>> one final note for you. the family research council which george rakers helped found release ad statement distancing themselves from him. they say they had to check their historical records to verify that he was a member of the original board. they go on to say, frc has had no contact with dr. rake herbs or knowledge of his activities in over a decade. so frc can provide no further insight into these allegations. they add this. while we are extremely disappointed when any christian leader engages in the very activity that's they preach against, it is not surprising. the scriptures clearly teach the fallen nature of all people. we eex of a choice to act upon that nature or accept the forgiveness offered by grace through faith in jesus christ. conservatives take i am a at a long time senate republican and they succeeded. the story is straight ahead. when does zero tolerance go too far? a young boy hauled off to jail for turning in a weapon?
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let's check the top stories right now. anti-washington anger has claimed a long time u.s. senate. three term republican robert bennett was prevented from seeking another term today at the gop convention. he came in third in a three-man race in the second round of the convention balloting. his two challengers will face off to see who carries the republican banner in november.
7:21 pm
he is known as a solid conservative but his vote for the 2008 financial bailout stoked anger among fiscal conservatives back home. there's been a major accident inside russia's largest coal mine. eight miners are dead and more than 60 remain underground. russia's emergency ministry reports 359 people were working in the siberian mine at the time of the accident which local officials say was caused by a partial rock collapse. early media reports blame it on a methane explosion, a relatively common occurrence inside russian mines. in the middle east, a glimmer of hope after 18 months of stalemate. a palestinian leader today agreed to indirect talks with israel's so-called proximity talks. a u.s. security, a u.s. special envoy george mitchell will act as a go-between. hamas condemned the decision saying palestinian leaders should stop selling illusions to the palestinian people. house speaker nancy pelosi is leadsing a congressional delegation to afghanistan this
7:22 pm
weekend. the group met with afghan president hamid karzai following a meeting with u.s. troops and top u.s. commander general stanley mcchrystal. according to a statement from pelosi's office, the meeting with president karzai focused on the political and security situation inside afghanistan. a georgia eighth grader accidentally takes a knife to school in a bag he had taken on a fishing trip. the knife falls out. the boy turns it in to the principal's office. then finds himself handcuffed in a police car. cnn education contributor steve perry examines the case and what's being done to prevent this in the future in this edition of perry's principals. >> i get to school. it is like a regular day. i went to reading and i don't know. one of my friends told me, is that yours? when i looked down there was a knife on the ground and it was mine. >> reporter: following school policy, ely said he voluntarily turned his own knife into school administration. >> 8:34 i received a call saying, pla ma, the knife you gave me had a knife in it.
7:23 pm
it was a bag he had taken fishing two weeks prior and i didn't look in it because we were so rushed. it had fallen out in school. >> usually when they find something like, this they send them to jail. and the parents don't know about it. >> reporter: ely, a middle schooler, a good kid, from a small town, had never been in trouble with the law became a victim of the zero tolerance weapons policy. >> it was like standing outside your body watching as it was going on. i mean, i never imagined seeing hill handcuffed and put in the back of a police car. >> reporter: amy was told her son would stay in prison from thursday through the week with no money to hire a lawyer, amy contacted state's senator emanuel jones. >> i spoke to the principal at the school who said this shouldn't have happened. immediately, i started to get in with the sheriff's department, and i called. eventually wound up calling the d.a. >> reporter: created to protect students inside schools, it doesn't allow schools to make individual decisions based on
7:24 pm
context or intent. jones prefiled legislation in november 2009 to remove the zero from zero tolerance. the georgia house and senate approved the bill. it awaits the governor's signature. cnn, atlanta. four months after an earthquake devastated haiti, its charnl are showing signs of real damage. and we'll show you what they're facing now and how one little girl was able to get out. can i eat heart healthy without giving up taste? a man can only try... and try. i heard eating whole grain oats can help lower my cholesterol. it's gonna be tough. my wife and i want to lower our cholesterol, but finding healthy food that tastes good is torturous. your father is suffering. [ male announcer ] honey nut cheerios tastes great and can help lower cholesterol.
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[ knock on door ] ♪ ( tires squealing ) to have bad tires. come to meineke and save $20 on two or more tires. at meineke, you're always the driver. it's been almost four months since haiti's catastrophic earthquake. it is a story that we have never stopped covering here at cnn. especially its impact on haiti's children. the quake left 380,000 of them
7:28 pm
without parents. a growing number are now being sold into slavery. a frightening prospect which really spurred someone who lived through that horror years before the earthquake to come to their rescue. and our soledad o'brien has his story. >> reporter: he works in the guest house here at the orphanage in haiti. he is helping raise abandoned children just like himself. mcenson was born in a rural haitian village. a place with wrenching poverty. life was so desperate that his father sold him and his sister to a stranger. they became child slaves. literally the creole words. >> were you --
7:29 pm
[ speaking french ] >> your sister? >> he was 9 and his sister was 6. how much money did the woman who paid your parents, how much did she pay for you? >> me and my sister? >> yeah. >> 120. >> 120 haitian dollars. which is like $10, $12. someone bought you for $12? do you ever think about that? >> no. >> it doesn't make you mad? angry? >> reporter: he is not angry because he says he understands his parents' desperation. haiti had an 85% unemployment rate even before the earthquake.
7:30 pm
mcenson's path to the lighthouse began in one of haiti's worst slums. >> translator: this is where i used to live. >> reporter: we are looking for the woman who kept him as a slave. >> he survived his ordeal as an orphan but thousands, hundreds upon thousands of children are still in desperate need of rescue. so see for yourself in soledad o'brien's documentary tonight immediately after this newscast, as well as tomorrow night, 8:00 p.m. on cnn. it looks like a really interesting documentary. so make sure you tune in after this. if there is a silver lining to the quake's aftermath, the impact of the adoption process. officials rushed children out of the country. you can tell we've got a child here and she is having a great time. we're glad she's here. 2-year-old madison jones is one of those lucky children. and we're joined tonight by her
7:31 pm
new mom. june jones, who will be celebrating mother's day tomorrow with madison and her 6-year-old son. so how is madison adjusting to america right now? >> she is loving life. >> as you can southeasterly who is the lull one that matches madison? >> that's her baby doll. >> does she have a name for her? >> baby. >> baby doll. >> if it wasn't for what happened with the earthquake, would it have taken longer for you to adopt? did that have an impact for you? >> yes. we wouldn't have had her for about another year. >> and i want to just go over there and hug her up and i'm sure people are watching at home. she's been here for how long? >> since january 23rd. >> it's permanent now? the adoption process done? >> no. it's not done yet. >> so what happens next? take us through what happens next for you. >> we're waiting for health and human services to determine the
7:32 pm
next steps and how to complete our adoption stateside. >> do you want a rush on that process? what do you think about that process? >> we want it done right. we're comfortable knowing that it would have taken another year and at least she's home. >> the hold-up here is what? what do you think? >> health and human services. they don't have a script to complete adoption stateside on international children that don't have legal status here. >> when you see stories like the ones we've been telling you about coming out of haiti, during the earthquake, directly after the earthquake, and now that has been, was in january, has been the months following. you still see children who are still, still have problems and still held up there. what do you make of that? what does that do to you as someone who is really trying hard to complete an adoption? >> it hurts. it really hurts us. we don't like to see that at all. >> how so? explain that. you say it hurts. >> it just hurts because there
7:33 pm
are so many children there that still need to be placed and adopted, and now that's all on hold. >> so many of those beautiful faces. he's smiling to the camera here. we're glad you're having a good time. do you have a message to the people who are, who may be waiting for adoptions? haitians? you know people are anxious about that. what is your message? >> just don't hesitate. go fourth. when the opportunity comes and when they lift the ban on it, you know, just like we did. and just go for it. >> even when it is people waiting for children, or even babies or children from haiti, haitians. are you happy they are speaking out for should there be more people speaking out in even stronger terms? >> yeah. i think so. like you say, after this quake, you don't hear much about it
7:34 pm
anymore. and we just would like to say we haven't forgot about the haitian people over there. >> thank you all. madison is gorgeous. thank you and happy mother's day to you. >> thank you. >> we appreciate you coming by and doing what you're doing for children. not just in haiti but this inspires people all over the world to adopt who are going to see this. him a mother's day. thanks a lot. see you, madison. see you as well. >> say bye-bye. >> and let's go talk about hollywood. we're going to to go hollywood where one high profile adoption is under criticism. the controversy over sandra bullock's new baby. [ male announcer ] how can rice production in india
7:35 pm
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risks, fees, expenses, and other information to read and consider carefully before investing.
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i want to tell you about a final goodbye to murdered university today. he was found beaten to death in the offcampus apartment on monday. a player on the virginia men's lacrosse team is charged with killing her. and our reporter tells us, hundreds gathered to remember
7:39 pm
yeardley. >> reporter: bright pink flowers decorated the casket of 22-year-old yeardley love for a celebration of her life in the wake of her tragic death. >> i was in her sorority. she was an incredibly sweet girl. kind to everyone. and made everyone feel special. >> i thought they did a beautiful job in representing her and what she meant to her school and to her family and what a tragic loss this is for everyone. >> reporter: hundreds of friends, teammates and loved ones gathered to remember the university of virginia lacrosse player who was found beaten to death in her off campus apartment last monday. >> senseless, shocking. >> reporter: on the cover of the funeral program, a quote from love's high school year book saying, truly great friends are hard to find, difficult to leave, and impossible to forget. but friends say it is her memory that will never be forgotten. >> i knew her from high school. and i mean, she was a great person. i wanted to come show my
7:40 pm
support. >> reporter: love's ex-boyfriend george huguely has been charged with first-degree murder. he isments a uva lacrosse player with a history of alcohol-related violence. his lawyers say the death was an accident. r it brings renewed attention to abusive relationships, a director the women's center says should be more aware of. >> you wonder about a friend who has been rude to his girlfriend. it is not just women. men need to speak up. rr tragically, no one spoke up for yeardley love who wrote, one of her dream was to have a happy and healthy family when she grew up. how do you think she'll be remembered? >> she was all about love. >> reporter: cnn, baltimore. for the tom stories, no quick fix to the gulf oil spill. officials revealed today that cold water and high pressure combined to cause major
7:41 pm
technical problems as a large steel dome is lowered over the leak. bp says it could take several days to work out a possible solution and estimated 5,000 barrels of oil have been escaping every day, fouling thousands of square mile of the gulf. at least 19 airports are shut down in spain because of ash spewing from iceland. those include the second biggest hub in barcelona. the ash plume extends up to 35,000 feeflt transatlantic flights are being rerouted over greenland and spain to avoid 1,200 mile of that ash cloud. british voters are wondering this week, who will lead their government? the conservative party got the most votes in thursday's national election. but not enough to govern without a partner. they would like the lure the liberal democrats into joining the coalition. but that party wants serious electoral reform. something the conservatives have resisted. the labor party which finished
7:42 pm
second, is also trying to get the liberal democrats to join a coalition. you know what? it's been a week and a half since "people" magazine broke the story that oscar winner sandra bullock who had adopted an african-american baby born in new orleans. since then, the web has been on fire. most comments praising her for doing it. some, though, are putting her town noting that once again, a white celebrity has adopted a black child. so i want to read a comment. this is really a quote from it says, i do not approve of white folks adopting black kids. what is the ulterior motive behind it? are they trying to create a new class of confused little oreo cookies? black kids with white values who will value whiteness above all else or be ashamed or against blacks and blackness? what's wrong with mixed race or trans racial adoption? what's wrong with it? to talk with it, we have dr. wendy walsh, a former television journalist here.
7:43 pm
she is also a psychologist. and then we have lisa marie, the director of adopted and foster adults of the african-american die as importa diaspora. thank you for joining us. you're a scholar of mixed race adoption. what is the case against it? what is the case here? i know that the stand on national adoption for black social workers is that black children should go to black families. but what is the case against it? >> well, one of the thing that this case has me thinking about, it really revisits the black social workers' original 1970s stance and their revisitation of this stance in the 1990s where they talk about multiple things that they feel like are the issues for trans racial adoption. one is whether or not white families have the education and are capable of assisting black children in coping with racism. but the other thing really is, something larger that has to do with the preservation of black
7:44 pm
families. and the circumstances that allow children to be put up for adoption. and i think that a lot of people are angry. the reason why you're seeing some of this anger around it is because i think that there are actually african-american families available, but the social welfare system isn't really set up for them to adopt black children, or kin ship, if there are aunts or uncles or extended family members available. there is not financial resources for them. so i think that's part of what people are upset about. >> what do you make of this? what is the case against it? >> well, i think right away, people will see, is this another hollywood celebrity carrying a black baby instead of a white purse dog? they're worried that it may be a fashionable trend. the truth is, adoptions are color blind. you get what you get. if you say that you will take whatever, and thank goodness these liberal progressive wealthy people are able to take any child in need and shower them with love. and i think race should really
7:45 pm
be only examined if you're over 40, you need to think about how you think about race. because the younger generation doesn't see race the way perhaps my generation or older generation. did we live in a global world where we have a biracial president. some of the most famous and wealthy celebrities in the world are people of color. i happen to have biracial children. they don't self-identify black or white. >> that's what i was going to ask you. children can be cruel. so when you're a child, when you're in school, people make if not of you. you don't look like your miami mom or dad. they may call you an oreo cookie. once you become an adult, you go thank goodness someone saved me. my question is, then what is wrong -- i see you cringing there. do you not believe that's so? >> yeah. it's miss rollins but yeah, i guess what i am responding to is the notion that adoption is color blind. i think that's one of the things that they talk back to and actually really tries to support
7:46 pm
families in really thinking about, when they're adopting is that race really does matter. and it really does mat we are the youth that i'm working with now even. i hear constant stories of when they're living in situations where they're isolated from the black community. and they're adopted to places like kansas or iowa or a lot of the people where the haitian documentees are going. that they are called name in school. they are spit on. would you rather them be in foster care instead of a loving home? >> that i think the issue with that is there is an assumption that is the only option. i think there are multiple options other than a child living in foster care. >> there are probably multiple options but i've seen a number of children up for adoption and who end up in foster homes. some of them. and others don't. and then you become adults and a lot of them don't have any parents. they have no rearing and no upbringing. go ahead, dr. walsh. >> well, yeah. i've heard that there are 31% of children in foster home are african-american and yet that
7:47 pm
represents only 15% of the general population. so they're definitely proportionately more children in foster care. i understand what you're saying, miss rollins about zip code being important. if you live in a home genius place, you're going to have to make some life dhingz make sure your child is in some kind of did you havers at this. i've lived around the world with my children and we've lived in two. one was boca raton. we went to a small lutheran school and i felt my family was more of a welcome curiosity. everyone was very kind to us and i loved it. the other place was florence, italy only the african street merchants had not problems, but a lot of great curiosity. where did you get that black baby, they would say to me. thinking i had adopted it. but i think if you live in a zip code that's very did you havers, i will you have in venice beach, california, which we call berkeley on the beach. >> actually -- i disagree. i think that i live in san francisco.
7:48 pm
>> you get the last word. >> i live in san francisco and i will you have in oakland where it is stroortdly diverse. one of the most did you havers cities in the nation. and i am constantly bombarded with white families who have adopted black children who live completely culturally isolated lives. not just about geography. about whether or not you're connecting your child to the black community. >> here's the thing. i understand what you're saying. we have to move on. when you say culturally, what does that mean? there are things that were cultural back in the 1940s and the 1950s and the 1960s that aren't necessarily cultural now. maybe a new culture is a culture of people who are americans, who are of all races instead of black, white. we had this whole issue when we talk about census. so many differences in people these days that it doesn't, i don't think that there are very few people here in this country who are truly african-american, because most russ mixed. and there are very few people in this country who are truly
7:49 pm
european or truly white. most people are mixed again. and i think that's, we're heading toward. that i understand what you're saying. >> and i don't disagree. >> let me finish. i think we have to defooun what is cultural. i think we need a new definition of that. go ahead. i'll let you finish. >> and i don't disagree with what you're saying. i absolutely belief there are new ways to redefine race. new ways to define culture that are happening now and that communities are much more multicultural now than they were. but i also argue that if you are a white parents and have a child of color and you are living a life that doesn't include people of color, either as an adult or if your community is only children of color with other trans racial adoptive families. there is a message that that sends to your children about your comfort level with people of color. i think that's really the point that we're talking about. >> you have a point with that. you have to be realistic about how the world sees you. >> exactly. >> thank you both. a very interesting conversation. all of this because of sandra
7:50 pm
bullock. my goodness. >> absolutely. >> have a good evening. >> we appreciate it. still ahead on cnn, the wolf man. 20 years at cnn. he also shows up on other channels. there he is. we're talking about wolf blitzer. king chinese ] i'm not having that. do you have an english menu? no english. [ speaking chinese ] [ gasps, responds in chinese ] oh, do you guys like dumplings? i love dumplings. working with a partner you can trust is always a good decision. massmutual. let our financial professionals help you reach your goals.
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so you could walk up to anyone on the street, wolf blitzer, who is that? and they would go, oh, wolf blitzer the guy from cnn, right? because wolf blitzer is a varietyiable institution. this weekend marks his 20th anniversary with cnn, and as our jean nemoos reminds us, it's been a wild ride. >> reporter: for now 20 years we've been listening to the call of the wolf. >> i'm wolf blitzer. >> i'm wolf blitzer. >> i'm wolf blitzer. >> reporter: the real wolf blitzer use to be a newspaperman, but when he came to cnn -- >> senator said he will support the plan. >> oh. >> reporter: he turned over a new leaf, getting into tv as
7:54 pm
cnn's military affairs correspondent. >> but here's pete williams, let's listen. >> well, thank you very much, wolf. >> reporter: he went from the pentagon to the white house -- >> the normally suave, unflappable wolf blitzer suffering technology breakdown. >> reporter: wolf became a household name covering the first gulf war. >> there's probably nobody in the country who doesn't know who he is, would you welcome, please, mr. wolf blitzer. >> reporter: here's wolf -- on "johnny" in those pre-blackberry days he described how he found out that saddam hussein had invaded kuwait when his beeper went off. >> i had put it on the vibration part, not on the beeping part. >> right. >> and i had never experienced that vibration along here. i thought i had gas or something. i didn't know what -- >> reporter: since then wolf has interviewed everyone who's anyone, he's faced some tough customers. >> said that the president listened it too much to the vice president, that was john mccain. >> so. >> so for me to sit here and listen again to more crap about
7:55 pm
socialized medicine -- >> reporter: and sometimes wolf wanted to talk about one thing and a guest another, lynne cheney wanted to discuss her book. >> we're going to talk about this excellent new book, our "50 states." well, talk about your book and then we'll get to the book. >> do you promise, wolf, that we're going to talk about your book? >> i do promise. >> wolf, could we talk about a children's book for a minute. >> let's talk a little bit about your book. we can agree that this is a beautifully done book. >> reporter: wolf has gone -- >> beat me up. >> reporter: -- where no anchor has gone before. >> you've never seen anything like this on television. >> reporter: he was the first to welcome a hologram. cor corresponded jessica yellen reporting from chicago. >> we've beamed you into here. >> reporter: to cnn's election's center new york. the hologram ended up on a beastie boys' song. >> a hologram on the wall of wolf blitzer. >> reporter: and wolf moves to the music. ♪ ♪ low, low, low, low >> reporter: remember what he danced onto "ellen degeneres'"
7:56 pm
show. >> an anchor not afraid to weigh anchor, or sit on a camel. >> hold on. >> i'm on a camel, on a camel, oh, my god. hold on, hold up. hold on. >> reporter: for two decades he's been riding the bucking camel that is cable news -- >> tonight "the situation room" -- >> the only man in america with his own "situation room." >> reporter: and that unforgettable name. >> it's not wolfgang, it's just wolf. >> reporter: actually wolf was his grandfather's name and don't you forget, it although some do. >> well, first of all, let's. >> wolf. >> i don't know who chris is, but it's wolf. >> say, hi, to wolf. his name is wolf. >> hi. >> hi, guys. >> who in the hell is wolf. >> reporter: jeanne moos, cnn. >> would you ever go on "dancing with the stars"? >> reporter: new york. >> wolf blitzer, class-act. he's a good dancer. he's one of the nicest people you've ever met.
7:57 pm
hey, look, this is what we like about our new digs here. my team back there working. they can throw spitballs at me if i do something wrong, which they often do, yeah. they're a great team, though. hey, we're back in a moment here on cnn. and i want to tell you coming up soledad o'brien's documentary "rescued." boss:hey, glad i caught you. i was on my way to present ideas
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